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June 29, 2018


There’s nothing more frustrating than losing weight only to gain it right back again.


I should know. I spent the majority of my teens and twenties losing the same five to ten pounds over and over.


I was either on a diet or I was off. Up five pounds or down. My life was ruled by calorie counting, food log apps, yes/no lists, and strict juice cleanses -- which were promptly followed by junk food binges.


There was a lot of disappointment and frustration. Lots of oreos. Lots of guilt.


I thought I was doing everything right by cutting calories and working out like a maniac. But by the end of the week I was so hungry and exhausted I would throw my hands up and say screw it. Pass the queso. I’ll start again on Monday.


I talk to so many women on this same miserable rollercoaster every day. They’ve tried everything but the scale keeps swinging. Diet after diet - nothing sticks.


Repeat this cycle long enough and it begins to break your spirit. You start to wonder if your body is broken. You think you’ll never be able to have the body you want.




One of my main goals for this blog is to challenge the old-school restrictive dieting rules that are still so prevalent in our culture and media.


As a mom of a pre-teen girl growing up consuming that media, I’m passionate about using my platform to redefine what healthy living looks like for women today.


Most of all, I’m hell-bent on getting you to stop dieting.



We all know diets long as you follow the rules. And yet no diets work, because 9 out of 10 women who lose weight on a diet end up gaining it back (and then some) when the diets over.


Starting a diet necessarily means that at some point, you’re going to stop the diet.


Then what?


You’re screwed.


Think back to the last time you were on your latest kick. You went totally gung-ho, cut your calories and ate rice cakes and cottage cheese like it was your job. You worked out every day for 2 weeks. Lo and behold you lost 5 pounds!


Your favorite shorts almost fit again which motivated you to lose even more. You felt like superwoman! Who cares if you’re hungry? Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.


The next week you doubled down, cut your calories even lower and added in an extra mile run after dinner every night. You got on the scale expecting to see another 5 pound drop...except...hold up...One pound?!


One. Pound.


Disappointed, but not defeated, you pulled on those cute little shorts and met your girlfriends for Moms' Night Out. You looked at the menu before hand and pre-picked the salmon salad.


Dressing on the side. Just water with lemon, please.


Everything was fine...but then the bread basket came. OHEMGEEITSMELLEDSOGOOD. You started bargaining with yourself. Just one piece. I’ll work out extra hard tomorrow.


And then you lost your cool.


One piece turned into four. You already blew it so you got the ravioli and hell yes you wanted to see the dessert menu. Who wants another glass of wine?


This is all made up of course, but I’m betting it was a death spiral from there. You got on the scale the next morning and saw you’d gained 4 pounds in a single night.


Totally depressed and burnt out, you didn’t track calories or workout for a few days. You fell back into your old habits and the rest of the weight came back in no time.


The next week you started texting your friend about doing a juice cleanse together. Or maybe Whole 30. “Alexa, what’s the most popular diet book on Amazon right now?”


Okay, I digress. But I’ve lived and heard this story so many times.