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June 15, 2018

Friends! You're here!!! Welcome to the blog and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for popping over and checking it out. I'm so excited for what's to come here. Take a peak's more than just a blog! You can read more about me here, download freebies here (lots more to come!), & learn more about my health coaching services here. I've been dreaming up all sorts of fun stuff to add in the future and I'm so honored to have you follow along. 


If you clicked over from Instagram, you probably already know me pretty well. And, if you've followed for a while, I hope it's been obvious that I'm a big believer in people. On top of having a huge passion for wellness, I'm truly just OBSESSED with human potential. And from the depths of my soul, I love to see people win. It's why I wanted to become a health coach in the first place. And, typical Gemini, I'm wired to communicate. Starting this blog as a way to serve and write about what I've learned feels like a long time coming and what I was always meant to do.  



As I get into the swing of blogging regularly (ha, bare with me!), my mission is to create meaningful, helpful, and actionable content that will motivate, inspire, and teach. (No fluff, I pinky promise!) But this *first* post...I've been putting off for weeks! It felt intimidating and awkward and lots of what are you doing, you have no idea how to be a blogger type thoughts have been running through my head.  


I wanted to set the tone and give you all an idea of what you can expect to find here in the future. I also wanted it to be perfect, which sounds silly, but I'm just going to come out and say this from the get-go...


For me, the lie of perfectionism is where the devil does his dancing.


It's been the underlying cause of fear, exhaustion, shame, overwhelm, self-doubt, and procrastination in my life. It has held me back and burnt me out...and it still creeps up every now and then. How I've learned to mostly overcome it is probably something I'll write about often. So, when I caught myself trying to think of the *perfect* first-blog-post-type-of-thing to say, I just had to take a deep breath, start writing and have faith the right words would come out.  And that really is the heart of this post...


We can talk about and think about our goals and dreams and what we hope to achieve all day long, but unless we get real and take ownership of the things that are holding us back, things will never change. Never, ever. 


We all have big dreams we aren't doing anything about.  And most of us are guilty of letting our best gifts and talents stay frozen inside us for years. Fear of the unknown and fear of failure are two big reasons, but more than anything, so many of us lack the basic self-confidence to believe we can really make it happen, even when we so desperately want to rise up, live in our purpose, and start serving the world. 


Maybe for you it's a different lie than perfectionism or a combination of lies. The feeling that you're not good enough, don't know enough, aren't brave enough, aren't worthy of love and belonging; the idea that you're defined by how you look, how much you weigh, your social status or you're somehow damaged because of a recent divorce or something that happened in your past.  Lies. All of it. And changeable! All of it. 


Here's the deal: No one is going to change your life except for you. 


Only you can own your story. Only yo