What's the deal with supplements?

Truvani Immuno-C

Supplements are something I get asked about all. the. time...and to be honest, I kinda squirm because it's never an easy answer.

Do you *really* need them? How much, how often? Which ones?

If you're like me, you stand in the vitamin aisle paralyzed by the options and end up not buying anything at all - or worse, spending a bajillion dollars and then never actually taking them. It's majorly confusing.

The truth is, I don't have a cabinet full of expensive vitamins because for the most part, I don't think they're necessary. I don't take a daily multi, nor anything that promises magical benefits.

But I do believe there are a few essentials worth buying. Despite my very best efforts to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, I've still had bloodwork come back with shockingly low Vitamin D levels and a few other deficiencies.

Supplements have helped me bridge the gap when food just can't.

Yes, in a perfect world, all the vitamin and minerals we need would come from our food, but modern farming practices, the use of pesticides, and depleted soil can make even the healthiest eater to come up short. I think of supplement use as a way to cover all my bases - a boost of protection where it's most crucial.

The big problem for me has always been figuring out which brand to buy. Not surprisingly, in an unregulated industry, many brands cut corners, use synthetic ingredients (which your body can't fully absorb) and make bogus health claims when they're actually filled with a bunch of b.s. ingredients.

Researching these companies is pretty frustrating and overwhelming, too. Not to mention time consuming.

How do they source their ingredients? How do they process them? Do they use fillers? Natural flavors?

Don't worry if you weren't even aware that these are questions you need to be asking.

Transparency about where and how supplement companies source their ingredients is key for me.

And thankfully, there are conscious companies out there creating top-notch products, you've just gotta know where to find them.

One of those companies I'm especially obsessed with is Truvani. I've been using the Truvani plant-based protein powder in my Full for Five Shakes and recommending it to clients ever since it debuted last year. I also talk about how awesome it is on Insta all the time. No fillers, five pronounceable ingredients, strictly tested for heavy metals, etc...and it tastes wayyy, way better than anything else out there. Seriously delicious.

Since the release of the protein powder, Truvani has come out with an exciting range of other high-quality supplements that measure up to the same strict standards as the protein powder and I am a raving fan. Call me crazy but I like to know what exactly I'm putting in my body, and there is no doubt with Truvani. They're transparent as glass.

You probably recognize the name of the creator, Vani Hari, aka The Food Babe, and author of Feeding You Lies, which is a must, must read. Vani has knocked it out of the park with her beautiful line - no extras, no gratuitous concoctions just because something's trendy, no unnecessary products just because she can.

Just the good stuff.

And I'm super excited to be partnering with them during the launch of their newest fab products.

So what do you *really* need?

Like I said earlier, supplements aren't an easy answer - and they shouldn't be. Everyone is different and you should never take something "just because."

Personally, I'm pretty much only interested in the basics. And I'm partial to targeting what I take to further assist me in feeling the way I want to feel. Yes, that's possible.

I'm sure most of you can relate to the fact that as a forever-on-the-go mama of three, I want to feel a certain way.

Specifically - not haggard.

I want to feel good. It's why I eat well and exercise, and I will take whatever extra help I can get.


Thank the sweet heavens I am well past the lovely, but so very tiring, up-all-night stages of motherhood. Bless you who aren't yet - I promise there's light at the end of that tunnel. But I do still struggle to fall asleep some nights. Or worse, I'll wake up at 2 am and toss and turn for the next few hours, unable to shut off my brain.

This is where a magnesium supplement can really help, because let's be real, there's absolutely nothing worse than a busy day taking care of kids running on nothing but excessive amounts of caffeine.

And a big freaking ALSO? Not sleeping causes crazy shifts in your hunger hormones that majorly sabotage weight loss. No thanks. Magnesium has also been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels which is mighty helpful when trying to lose weight so having topped-off magnesium levels is a must for me. You can read more about the major magnesium benefits here.


Literally nothing puts me in a better mood than a good dose of sunshine. Truly, I never feel more energized or happy than I do right smack dab in the middle of summer. I grew up close to the beach and just slightly worshipped the sun for most of my life.

I had no idea until my Vitamin D levels absolutely tanked after having Auggie that those bright, happy feelings weren't just nostalgic memories of splashing in salt water and playing in the sand. Studies have shown an actual link between depression and low Vitamin D levels.

Theoretically, you could get all your vitamin D from the sun. And that used to be my M.O. until I had a pre-melanoma mole removed on my breast earlier this year. So. So. Scary.

I have to be way more careful about my sun exposure now. And while I don't fear the sun, I definitely don't sprawl out on a lawn chair with a bottle of tanning oil anymore either.

Nothing replaces the energy you get from eating a nutritious diet. No amount of iced-coffee could get me through the day if I didn't already a good foundation. I get my 15-minute dose of sun exposure daily, when it's possible. And I also take a supplement to support my overall wellness and know it makes a genuine difference in how I feel.

You are the expert on you. I always advise my clients to get a full blood workup if they suspect that somethings off. For me, knowing I'm covered is just peace of mind and it could be for you too.


With quality sleep and enough good-mood energy to get me through the day, I'll also take a copious side of protection against the incessant junk my school-aged kids bring home every day doesn't hurt either.

Hello, Vitamin C.

I probably don't need to ramble about the benefits of Vitamin C but I do want to make you aware that most companies trick consumers into thinking that their products are sourced from real food - like oh ya know, oranges maybe?...when in reality they're using highly processed synthetics made from GMOs and a good dose of chemical fillers. It's gross and pointless.

Maybe if you've gotten sick and taken giant doses of Vitamin C and *nothing happnened* this is partially why.

For me, Vitamin C is preventative rather than something I take only when I feel the sniffles coming on. It does way more than just keep you from getting sick, it supports every cell in the body and majorly protects you from all disease, not just the common cold. Read more about why Vitamin C is so important here.

Right now as part of their special launch pricing, you can get Truvani's BASICS BUNDLE, which includes all three of these supplements for a major discount.

You all know that my main focus here is to give you tips and tools that help you live your happiest, healthiest life. I want you to FEEL YOUR BEST, not be in constant survival mode.

I think there's a good chance lots of us have deficiencies wreaking silent havoc in our lives and never identifying a lack of a certain vitamin as the source. We cover our tiredness with caffeine, our sleepless nights with Tylenol PM, and I'm sorry but you can pump the hand sanitizer all day long and it will never defend you the way a strong immune system can.

It's just not typically the first thing we think of..."Hmmm, I haven't slept well in a couple nights, maybe my magnesium levels are low." or "Well, I've been feeling a little down lately, maybe I'm not getting enough Vitamin D."

That's why I'm so excited about this bundle and love Truvani's mission to offer their products in their most basic, unprocessed. and absorbable form!

This post is brought to you by Truvani. It contains some affiliate links and I may be compensated for this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for all your support!

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