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What's the deal with supplements?

July 21, 2019


Supplements are something I get asked about all. the. time...and to be honest, I kinda squirm because it's never an easy answer.


Do you *really* need them? How much, how often? Which ones?


If you're like me, you stand in the vitamin aisle paralyzed by the options and end up not buying anything at all - or worse, spending a bajillion dollars and then never actually taking them. It's majorly confusing.


The truth is, I don't have a cabinet full of expensive vitamins because for the most part, I don't think they're necessary. I don't take a daily multi, nor anything that promises magical benefits. 


But I do believe there are a few essentials worth buying. Despite my very best efforts to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, I've still had bloodwork come back with shockingly low Vitamin D levels and a few other deficiencies. 


Supplements have helped me bridge the gap when food just can't.


Yes, in a perfect world, all the vitamin and minerals we need would come from our food, but modern farming practices, the use of pesticides, and depleted soil can make even the healthiest eater to come up short. I think of supplement use as a way to cover all my bases - a boost of protection where it's most crucial.


The big problem for me has always been figuring out which brand to buy. Not surprisingly, in an unregulated industry, many brands cut corners, use synthetic ingredients (which your body can't fully absorb) and make bogus health claims when they're actually filled with a bunch of b.s. ingredients.


Researching these companies is pretty frustrating and overwhelming, too. Not to mention time consuming.


How do they source their ingredients? How do they process them? Do they use fillers? Natural flavors?


Don't worry if you weren't even aware that these are questions you need to be asking.


Transparency about where and how supplement companies source their ingredients is key for me.


And thankfully, there are conscious companies out there creating top-notch products, you've just gotta know where to find them. 


One of those companies I'm especially obsessed with is Truvani